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  • What is permanent makeup?
    Permanent makeup is a gentle process of depositing pigment into the uppermost layer of skin – the epidermis. Permanent makeup is also known as semi-permanent, micropigmentation, derma pigmentation, or cosmetic tattooing. This is a visible alternative to traditional cosmetics that need to be applied daily.
  • Am I suitable for permanent makeup?
    Most are suitable for some sort of permanent makeup. We will explore with you precisely which procedure is best for you. We do this via a one-on-one consultation that includes a discussion of your wishes, expectations, before and aftercare, pricing, and booking.
  • Does micropigmentation hurt?
    Every person is different, but all the procedures are done with your comfort in mind. We do use topical anesthetics prior to the procedure and throughout to minimize discomfort. Most people will feel nothing at all, while some may feel a slight prickling sensation. Any minimal discomfort that a person may experience is definitely outweighed by the stunning results that will be achieved.
  • What is the difference between permanent makeup and tattooing?
    There are several differences between traditional tattooing and permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is deposited into the upper layer of the skin – the epidermis. This is the layer of skin that you can see and that is constantly renewing. Tattooing on the other hand deposits ink deeper into what is called the dermis, or the second layer of the skin.
  • How do I book an appointment for permanent makeup?
    First, you will come in for a consultation. Consultations will be by appointment only Tuesdays-Thursdays. During the consultation, we analyze your eyebrows and ask health related questions to make sure it is safe to do. We will also talk about before and after care, what to expect when healing, procedure pricing, and any other concerns or questions you may have. Once the consultation is complete, we’ll book your first appointment! You must be ready with a $200 (cash only) retainer fee to book your appointment the day of the consultation. The $200 retainer fee with go towards your total sum. If you decide not to book with us after the consultation, the $30 consultation fee is non-refundable. Click on PAY FOR A SERVICE in the menu to schedule your consultation.
  • Touchups*
    – Touchups done within 6 months are $150 – Touchups past 6 months and up to 12 months are $175-$225 – Touchups past 12 months and up to 16 months are $275-$350 – Touchups past 16 months are FULL PRICE – Correction work Touchups: $150 every hr. PRICING APPLIES TO ALL TOUCHUPS INCLUDING EYELINER. Touchups past 6 months have a price range because it is determined by the amount of work that needs to be done. Touchup Retainer Fee: Available for existing clients only. Payment does not guarantee a scheduled appointment. You must call (559) 410-1812 to schedule an appointment. *IT IS THE CLIENTS RESPONSIBILITY TO BOOK WITHIN THE TOUCH UP TIMELINE* The cost of your touch up is determined by availability, not the date of retainer payment. Please count on Dulće Studio being booked out as far as at least 6 months. Book ahead to stay in your desired touch up price range. *prices are subject to change
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